Biological Detectors

Detecting Live Airborne Organisms

Biological detectors are a key component in monitoring the air for potentially harmful organisms. It is critical to differentiate between what is alive and what is not, and determning whether those live particles represent something different than what is normal for that environment. Real-time biological detection and sorting of live airborne organisms is the basis for developing response strategies – from collecting samples for further analysis, to analyzing the behavior, duration, and spread of an airborne cloud of organisms, to determining its potential impact on human or animal respiratory systems.

Biological Detectors for Military, Health, and Research Applications

Amtech offers biological detectors based on fluorescence aerosol particle sensing, from a Canadian Government Defense Research-patented technology jointly developed between Dycor and TSI Incorporated.

We offer a range of instruments from ruggedized and fully MILSPEC-tested for military vehicle and fixed site deployments, to portable systems for public health and medical operational scenarios, to instruments for advanced aerosol research facilities, including chamber and laboratory applications.

CFLAPS Biological Detection System

Based on fluorescent detection of enzymes present only in live organisms, this off-the-shelf biological detector provides for rapid positive detection of live, respirable particles in air, and is deployed with defense, public health, and research customers around the world.

The CFLAPS has a low limit of detection, and is able to minimize false positives and false negatives through an advanced alarming algorithm that can be adjusted by the user based on the ambient conditions. [ View Product ]

FLAPS II (3313/3314)

ONLY PARTS AVAILABLE: These Fluorescent Aerodynamic Particle Sizer spectrometers measure the aerodynamic diameter, scattered-light intensity, and fluorescence intensity of individual airborne particles in real time, providing researchers the most comprehensive profile of aerosol characteristics available from a single instrument. From filter and air cleaner testing, inhalation toxicology studies, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, to biological aerosol investigations, the FLAPS II provides a range of capabilities for research applications.

AMASYS may have some parts available for existing units. Please contact us if you require any support for these instruments.