CSU-1 Low Volume Air Sampler

The CSU-1 low volume air sampler was developed in response to an operational need for a portable, low-cost, low-power method of providing broad aerosol sampling coverage over a large region. The CSU-1 collects samples into a dry filter cartridge at a nominal flow rate of approximately 10 liters per minute. The dry filter samples can be processed using conventional laboratory-based cell culture or through rapid techniques such as immunoassay or PCR.

The compact design of the CSU-1 includes a magnetic mounting mechanism allowing for rapid and discrete deployment. An optional battery kit is available which allows for continuous operation in a remote location for greater than 12 hours. The CSU-1 is suitable for indoor / outdoor use and can be deployed for a number of varying applications, including environmental / disease monitoring, industrial hygiene monitoring, and security monitoring for critical infrastructure protection.

CSU-1 Key Features

  • Lightweight, portable
  • Powered by 110V AC or DC (battery)
  • Large, single button operation
  • Operable in full MOPP gear
  • Minimal consumable costs (standard MCE dry filter)
Dycor CSU

Specifications of the CSU-1 Low Volume Air Sampler

Dimensions Length: 8.9 cm, Width: 6.4 cm, Height: 17.1 cm
Weight 0.8 kg
Power Requirements 120VAC, 0.4 A (maximum)
Battery (Optional) 12VDC, > 12 hours per charge
Flow Rate 10 litres per minute
Filter Media MCE 0.8 micron pore size