XMX-CV Microbial Air Sampler – Civilian

The XMX-CV Microbial Air Sampler is a civilian version of Amtech’s successful XMX/2L-MIL sampler, designed and built in response to the need for a weatherproof, outdoor bioaerosol collector. The XMX-CV has been sold globally to various first-responder and public health organizations.

The XMX-CV is an aerosol separator, sample preparation, and high mass flow concentrator system, and can operate in either outdoor or indoor environments. This microbial air sampler processes and collects high concentrations of aerosols in the respirable range (1 to 10 microns in diameter) in short periods of time (5 minutes is the average run time).


As a true particle concentrator, the XMX-CV strips away the large dust particles and the very small micro debris and concentrates only the aerosols of interest, providing a cleaner sample for subsequent identification. The particles are then impinged into a sample collection vial (centrifuge tube) containing customer specified liquid (normally type 1, sterile water or phosphate buffered saline). Once the sample is collected, the user removes the centrifuge tube for subsequent analysis (immuno-assay, PCR, culturing).

One of the primary issues in bioaerosol detection is the fact that it is difficult to obtain enough sample of interest to detect an airborne threat concentration that is lethal to humans. Our system captures high concentrations of particles and prepares a small aqueous aliquot for analysis with minimal dilution.

Additionally, microbial air sampler is designed to operate under field conditions, while wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). There is superior system reliability, with only two moving parts, to reduce maintenance and ensure a high MTBF. The XMX system is quick and easy to set up and tear down to minimize training and improper or incorrect usage. The internal separator and collector components are easily disassembled to facilitate decontamination with various decontamination solutions, while maintaining part durability. This feature minimizes operator effort to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between collection missions. This system comes with a high-strength transport container for increased mobility and portability (one person).

For dry collection applications, an alternative option is a dry filter that replaces the liquid vial. The particles, rather than impinging into water, are impacted onto the dry filter which is then removed and dissolved in liquid for further analysis. The filter adapter is an option, and the filter cartridges are COTS and are readily available. Depending on the application, a dry filter may be advantageous.

Download the XMX-CV Datasheet.

Specifications of the XMX-CV Microbial Air Sampler

DimensionsWidth: 46 cm, Height: 58 cm (with stack), Depth: 33 cm
WeightApproximately 17 kilograms
Power Requirements110V AC or 220V AC
Power Consumption10 A @ 110V AC, 5A @ 220V AC (optional)td>
Intake Flow Rate530 Standard Litres/Minute (SLPM) +- 25 SLPM
Secondary Flow Rate12 liters per minute
Particle Size Range~ 1 – 10 microns
Operating Temperature Range0 to +50°C
Decontamination Options
(Application Dependent)
Air Purge – 5 minutes
VHP (Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide)
Collection VialsFisher commercial-off-the-shelf 50ml centrifuge tube
Setup/Teardown Time5 minutes
Collection MediumLiquid – includes sterile water, PBS solution, surfactant solution OR Dry Filter – COTS filter
Collection Medium VolumeFixed at approximately 5ml (liquid); minimizes dilution for integrated collection period
Ingress Protection (Environment)NEMA-3 Rating