Integrated Biodefense Solutions

Providing bio-defense security against man-made or naturally-occurring threats to people and infrastructure is a responsibility shared by military and civilian authorities.

The services AMAS provides in these sectors are designed to enhance operations by focusing on monitoring, detection, mitigation, and gathering evidence of airborne CBRNE threats. Surveillance solutions represent some of the most complex configurations of integrated biodefense detectors, samplers, meteorological instruments, alarming algorithms and communications interfaces, in order to provide the heightened situational awareness and decision-support required in this critical field.

Military, Public Health and Security personnel already have enough to do. Our biodefense solutions are purposely designed for seamless and sensible integration into existing protocols and procedures – enabling informed, rapid decisions and response turnaround.

We have deployed our solutions at events and locations of the highest profile and sensitivity where discretion, risk reduction and complete reliability are paramount.

Biological Detection System

Military and Civilian Applications

System Controller

Military Integrated Biodefense Systems

Military forces worldwide have adopted CBRNE defense capabilities into their standard operating procedures. Amtech has integrated biodefense detection and sampling capabilities into vehicle and naval platforms, as well as fixed-site, point detection capability. Working with large defense contractors, Amtech has provided key subject matter expertise in integration as well as concepts of operation for such systems.

Examples of our participation in defense biodetection programs can be found here.

Civilian Biosurveillance Systems

Our solutions have been deployed with international public health agencies responding to pandemic and other disease outbreaks, and are the current international high-water mark in surveillance capabilities. We have also teamed with national security services to provide security against threats to people and infrastructure, whether at mass gatherings or international meetings and conferences.

The solutions we provide are purposely designed for seamless and sensible integration into existing health and security protocols and procedures – expanding situational awareness, and enabling informed, rapid decisions and response turnaround.

For examples of our deployed civilian biosurveillance solutions at high-risk, high-profile events and locations, please click here.